Tapestry Cushion Covers

The Craye family business was founded in 1880. In the 1970’s they were well known for the quality of their jacquard fabric and began manufacturing cloth for Dior. Craye came to specialise in the reproduction of wall tapestries and recreated the style of Flemish weaving of the 14th and 15th centuries, for which they are world leaders.

Metrax-Craye is a division of B & T Textilia based in Belgium.

We import the cushion covers directly, and are therefore able to offfer them at a very competitive price.

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  • Byzantine Brunette
    48cm by 48cm. Moucha, the Byzantine Brunette. Designed in homage to the father of Art Nouveau, Alphonse Mucha ..
    Ex Tax: NZ$82.61 NZ$95.00
  • Chat Noir Large
    Chat Noir, 48cm by 48cm. ..
    Ex Tax: NZ$82.61 NZ$95.00
  • Chat Noir small
    Chat Noir - 36cm by 36cm. ..
    Ex Tax: NZ$60.00 NZ$69.00
  • Coq Rouge
    48cm by 48cm ..
    Ex Tax: NZ$82.61 NZ$95.00
  • Coq Vert
    48cm by48cm. ..
    Ex Tax: NZ$82.61 NZ$95.00
  • Lady & Unicorn - Taste
    36cm by 36cm. The Lady and the Unicorn Tapestries. (La Dame et La Licorne) The modern title given to a series of six tapestries designed in Paris and woven in Flanders around 1500, now on display in the Cluny Museum (Musée de Moyen Age).in Paris. Five of the tapestries depict the senses; touch..
    Ex Tax: NZ$60.00 NZ$69.00