Brocante and Beyond
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It does feel a bit constrained at times, now we have gardened our garden to distraction, polished the shed, explored every inch of New Zealand, devised new employment and contemplated the purchase of items we never knew we wanted – in lieu of travelling overseas.
But at least we are all detained in paradise – and the envy of the world.
When I wrote my last newsletter a year ago exactly, we were in dire straits. Geoff had been hospitalized in France and subsequently for four months in Christchurch. A few days after we finally got home after eight months, we were locked up again, doing the crossword and watching Netflix like everyone else. Brocante hunting was off the menu for the foreseeable future, our boat languishing on the hard at Auxerre with my dirty washing festering inside. But we still consider ourselves very lucky. Geoff is now in excellent health. Thank you so much, all those who supported us and wished us well.

There will be no more brocante tours.
But there will be brocante. The French have had to endure a much harder and longer Covid than we have. And as we speak, sixty million of them are clearing out their greniers, caves and cabanons for the umpteenth time, building up stock for that happy day when the markets are up and running again. And to prepare for that day, or to experience its joys vicariously, may I suggest you buy a copy of our book, Une Bonne Affaire for yourself or a friend.

Books have become our occupation and destination of choice – reading them, obviously - writing them, and editing and publishing for others. Whether it’s a novel, a family history or a saucy exposé, we can assess your work, edit and proofread it to perfection, provide layouts and publish for a very reasonable rate.

We have all had to learn to live with constraints and uncertainty. But one thing’s for sure. We will return to France. We have unfinished business there.
We wish you all a happy Christmas, a long hot summer, and after that, with any luck, the world.

À bientôt
Geoff and Jennifer