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Those of you who follow us on Facebook may have noted our mysterious disappearance at the end of August. After three months exploring the Burgundy canals, Geoff became seriously ill, and was admitted to Dijon Hospital for emergency treatment. After a month in Dijon, we were repatriated to NZ for ongoing treatment at Christchurch Hospital.
We have always regarded ourselves as lucky. We live in one of the most beautiful towns in New Zealand and play in beautiful towns all over France and our jobs in recent years, buying and selling French brocante and hosting groups to do the same have been enormously satisfying. It did seem that our luck had run out.

However, Geoff managed to fall ill in the best possible place for what ails him. A world class hospital in a country that spares no expense on health; under the care of the exuberant and self-proclaimed “Best Haematologist in the World.” His Doctor here is reserved and modest by comparison, but equally committed and positive. We are fortunate too, in our good, genuine and generous friends here and in France. Luck is still on our side, and we remain positive.

So, what now for Found In France?

September 2020 was to have seen our last brocante tour in the Loire. By August, it was already over-subscribed. To those people and to anyone who planned to join us in the Loire or anywhere else in France, I’m sorry. There will be no more brocante tours.
It may be a sign of age, but we can’t abide waste – we have a wealth of contacts and expertise in finding and shipping brocante and antiques from France that some bright spark with similar interests could profit from. Jennifer has already spent two weeks in Dijon helping artist Amber Emm, to establish an itinerary, contacts and accommodation for painting groups in Burgundy next June. For more information email Amber at

Similarly, we have a huge collection of antique French linen, Flemish tapestry cushions and throws, laguiole cutlery, china, copper and enamel that we need to find homes for. If you have a shop or business or just a yen for something old and French, you can save yourself the expense of a buying trip to France. We need our spare room back, and what we have in stock will be priced accordingly.
Une Bonne Affaire. Thanks to our trusty friend Gail, sales have continued nicely in our absence. A copy of our book on finding and buying brocante in France would be a great gift for anyone planning to holiday there in the future.

Jennifer has started writing another book. Intended as a comic thriller set on the Nivernais Canal, it has changed direction somewhat; however she still hopes and plans for a happy ending.

Wish us luck.

À bientôt
Geoff and Jennifer