Brocante and Beyond

Welcome to Found in France

For more than twenty years Geoff and Jennifer have travelled the highways and byways of France, buying antiques and brocante, and hosting small groups and individuals who wish to do the same. Their greatest pleasure is to enable others to make their own bonne affaire with France - to engage with the French and to truly experience this glorious land.
Whether you are a French dreamer or an intrepid traveller, a lover of all things French or a seeker of
joie de vivre, they invite you to join them on their journey into the heart of France and to take advantage of the expertise and knowledge they have to offer.

Self Drive Itineraries
Let us know your travel plans and your interests and desires and we will map out a self-drive itinerary to suit you. We are well acquainted with the back-roads, the markets, the hidden attractions and most beautiful villages in France - in Brittany, Burgundy, the Loire and the Languedoc; the Charent, the Vienne and the Dordogne. And we will include our Big Long Paris Walk - a guide built up over twenty years for friends and guests which includes several long walks in Paris that encompass the main attractions, as well as places the tourist rarely discovers.

Une Bonne Affaire

The definitive guide to French markets and to locating and buying brocante in France. Written to inform and amuse our guests, this book is a must for those who want to go it alone.


Hocus Focus Image Co. Editing and Publishing Service
We can provide assessments or full editing of manuscripts, layout, publishing and printing, at a reasonable cost.

Geoff and Jennifer spend their New Zealand summers in the historic village of Akaroa, writing, publishing books and selling brocante. During winter you will find them on a short fat canal boat somewhere in Burgundy. You can follow their adventures on FaceBook.